Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee

These days whenever we think about Coffee, the only Coffee recipe that comes to our mind is “Dalgona Coffee”. Everyone is making this coffee on all over the internet but what we can do if we don’t have proper things that we need for this recipe.A spoon!! Everyone has a spoon in their kitchen, so we are going to make it using a spoon.

INGREDIENTS TO BE USED:– Instant Coffee (1 tbsp)
– Sugar (1 tbsp)
– Hot water (1 tbsp)
– Milk (3/4 glass)
– Ice cubes (as needed)
– Cocoa powder (as needed)


– In a bowl add instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water in equal proportions,
– Start beating them using a spoon until they become frothy,
– In a glass add some ice cubes,
– Pour 3/4 glass milk in it,
– Top with the whipped coffee and spread evenly,
– Sprinkle some cocoa powder and enjoy your Dalgona Coffee.


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